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Pass PMP in 21 Days – Books Series

3 Books to Pass PMP in 21 Days

Why “Pass PMP in 21 Days” Books Series

  • Easy to grasp, 
  • Concise learning
  • Keywords to know and map
  • Real life scenario
  • Written by a practicing Project Manager
  • Proven – 1000+ people passed referring the books

Books Overview

STEP 1 - Understand

Start with the PMP Study Guide

This will help you understand concepts and practice the PMP style of questions after each module.
The modules are prepared with examples so that you understand the Project scenarios and apply them in your day-to-day life as a Project Manager.
PMP Study Guide will lay the foundation for the PMP exam.

  • 700+ Questions, Lets Play, Mind-maps
  • Scenarios combined with keywords and mindmaps help you get started for the PMP Examination swiftly and effectively
  • PMP Study Guide gets you started and ramped up quickly for the PMP exam challenge
  • The 21 Days customizable plan helps you stay on track with the PMP Goal.
  • Go ahead and start your PMP preparation today.


Best Suited for: Concept Clarity.

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STEP 2 - Revise and Practice

Pass PMP in 21 Days II - Practice Tests

Practice PMP Style of Questions

Pass PMP in 21 Days II - Practice Tests book helps you practice PMP style of questions. The detailed answers help to reach clarity in a concise manner.

  • PMP Practice Tests will help you prepare for the PMP exams AFTER you finish the PMP workshop.
  • Keywords, Recaps, True PMP style questions, Detailed ANSWERS help prepare effectively.
  • The 21 Days customizable plan will help you stay on track.

Best Suited for: PMP Practice Exam

STEP 3 - Concise Revision

Pass PMP in 21 Days II - ITTO and Keywords

Quick PMP Notes at one place:

  • PMBOK Process Map
  • ITTO Table
  • ITTO Mind maps
  • Most used formulas

All at one place.

Best Suited for: PMP Summary and Revision


Pass PMP in 21 Days - Book - Reviews

Nicely written book. Simple language and day to day life examples in the book has made to understand the concept in a effective manner. Examples, Lets play and PMP style questions are the key features of this book.

Anup Cherian / Amazon Review

Job well done to author Kavita Sharma on creating excellent guide for PMP preparations. I loved the format along with exercise questions at the end of the chapters. There are creative storylines to drive the learning, very effective learning methodology.
Highly recommend this book to those who want a more "brain friendly" approach to PMP prep!

Shubham / Amazon review

Honestly, my experience so far reading the book, the topics are written in an easy to understand simple language with lots of examples, I'm able to correlate with my past projects and understand the flow and digest the topics easily. 🙂

Krishna J / Amazon Review

After reading several online review, my wife purchased your book ‘PMP Practice Test – 2’ and gifted it to me. I practiced it chapter by chapter. It helped me to realize that I needed to read PMBOK thoroughly despite having read several other PMP guides over the past 9 months. After reading PMBOK, I tried your online test 1. That gave me the confidence to attempt PMP and am now certified. Thank you.

Sunilkumar Krishnan, PMP

Hi Kavita- I recently passed PMP on 22/04/19. I referred your book and course material Pass PMP in 21 Days. The course material is quite extensive and covers almost all aspects of the examination. Thanks for such resource.

Surender Kumar, PMP

Hi Kavita, It was great support from your books which helped me in clearing my PMP.

Abhishek Ranjan, PMP