21 Days to PMP Success: Proven Plan by Kavita Sharma

The 21-Day PMP Challenge: Sarah’s Journey with Kavita Sharma

Meet Sarah: The Aspiring PMP

Sarah, a seasoned project manager, had a vision to advance her career by earning the prestigious PMP certification. However, her demanding schedule left her with just 21 days to prepare for the challenging PMP exam. Many would have been discouraged, but not Sarah. She was determined to conquer the PMP challenge and prove that with dedication and a well-structured plan, anything is possible. Sarah’s journey was guided by the expert hand of Kavita Sharma, a renowned PMP coach.

The 21-Day Plan: A Glimpse

Sarah’s PMP success plan was divided into two phases: Understanding and Evaluating, followed by Simulating. This plan, meticulously crafted by Kavita Sharma, has been proven to help thousands of students achieve their PMP certification dreams.

PMP Exam Preparation: Kavita Sharma’s Proven 21-Day Plan

Phase 1: Understand and Evaluate

*Day 1-7: Laying the Foundation*
To start, Sarah spent the first week understanding the exam and prerequisites, selecting the right study materials, and diving into the Agile Practice Guide. This foundation was vital to her success, a foundation built on the experience and guidance of Kavita Sharma.

Phase 2: Simulate

*Day 15-18: Full-Length PMP Test*
Sarah allocated these days to take full-length PMP practice exams, simulating the real exam conditions. She referred to the PMBOK 6th Edition and other resources for clarification when needed, as guided by Kavita Sharma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it really possible to pass the PMP exam in 21 days?

Yes, it’s not only possible, but proven by the thousands of students guided by Kavita Sharma’s structured plan.

What are the prerequisites for the PMP exam?

You’ll need a specific number of hours of project management experience and formal education, details that Kavita Sharma ensures her students understand.

How do I create a study schedule for the PMP exam?

Kavita Sharma’s proven 21-day plan provides the answer, breaking down your study schedule into manageable phases.

What study materials should I use for PMP preparation?

Kavita Sharma’s guidance includes the use of reputable PMP exam prep books, online courses, and practice tests.

How can I simulate the PMP exam experience before the real test?

The simulated phase in Kavita Sharma’s plan includes taking full-length PMP practice tests to build confidence and familiarity with the exam format.


Just like Sarah, you can achieve PMP success in 21 days with Kavita Sharma’s proven plan. Start by understanding the exam, create a solid study plan, and simulate the testing environment. The journey might be challenging, but the destination is worth it. Good luck on your path to becoming a certified Project Management Professional with Kavita Sharma’s guidance and the structured 21-day plan!